I’ve been on many different golf tours around the world over the years… the Masters Tour was by far the best tour we’ve ever experienced. Thanks for an unforgettable trip.

Dennis Ebert


To be at The Masters was better than I dreamt it would be. The atmosphere, the accessibility to greens, fairways and grandstands was excellent. It really was mind blowing!

Stephen Pickering


It was a superbly organised tour, a thrill of a lifetime!

Paul Farrell

New Plymouth

The trip was outstanding. I’ve told all my friends they have to go, The Masters has to be experienced live!

Grant Anderson


I’ve waited over 30 years to go to The Masters. The tour did not disappoint, in fact it far surpassed my expectations… and believe me I had very high expectations. Thank you for an amazing trip, I’ll never forget it.

Graeme Jackson


Our trip was fantastic. In fact, I’m keen to go with you to The Open Championship or Ryder Cup tour in the future. 

John Flowers

New Plymouth

The feeling of walking onto the 1st fairway at Augusta National after years of watching from afar was quite simply sensational! While I expected my Masters experience to be good, it was much, much, more.

Grant Hill


The Masters Tour was everything we dreamed it would be… it should be on every golfers Bucket List – a surreal experience we will never forget.

Marion & Tony Tripe


Absolutely amazing, we couldn’t have written the script any better… the tour has lived up to every expectation.

Steve Wilford


It was marvellous, a terrific experience, far beyond our expectations. Everything was fantastic, we feel very lucky, something we’ll always remember.

Richard & Roslyn Burn


The Masters was an experience beyond belief, beyond my wildest dreams… do whatever it takes to get here!

Jeff Toomey


It was just brilliant, the way everything (tour) was run… being at The Masters, it couldn’t have been better.

Jamie Buchan